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We Build For People

In 2010 Arlen Girod started working at
a truss manufacturing facility and really
enjoyed it. After 3 years, the owner moved
and took his business with him. Arlen had
to find another job and decided to work in
concrete. The spark never left for building
roof trusses, so in 2017 Arlen took a shot that
changed his life. Arlen started GT Girod Truss
as a part time job for about a year. When he
was not building trusses, Arlen was helping
his father-in-law do remodel work. In 2019 GT
Girod Truss became a full time business with
its first full time employee. Over the next
couple of years more employees were added
to the business. In 2022 Arlen hired someone
that is dedicated to the office and designing
services. Then in 2023 Girod Truss moved
to its current 7,200 square foot facility
in Harland, IN. Now all of the lumber and
trusses are built indoors and kept out of the
elements. GT Girod Truss continues to grow
and serve customers in the tri state area.

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