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 Pole Barn Designs

Experienced & Reliable Builders, since 2017


We provide roofing trusses and pole barn designs

In 2010 Arlen Girod started working at a truss manufacturing facility and really enjoyed it. After 3 years, the owner moved and took his business with him. Arlen had to find another job and decided to work in concrete. The spark never left for building roof trusses, so in 2017 Arlen took a shot that changed his life. Arlen started GT Girod Truss as a part time job for about a year. When he was not building trusses, Arlen was helping his father-in-law do remodel work. In 2017 GT Girod Truss became a full time business with its first full time employee. Over the next couple of years more employees were added to the business. In 2022 Arlen hired someone that is dedicated to the office and designing services. Then in 2023 Girod Truss moved to its current 7,200 square foot facility in Harland, IN. Now all of the lumber and trusses are built indoors and kept out of the elements. GT Girod Truss continues to grow and serve customers in the tri state area.


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We Build Products That Last


Whether you’re the foreman of a lumberyard constructing a new
warehouse or an independent contractor with an upcoming project, turn to GT Girod Truss LLC for roof trusses that ensure lasting durability and save you time on your construction. We supply premium-grade roof trusses in various sizes to suit any project. Our team has more than half a decade of experience providing roofing trusses for projects throughout Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. GT Girod Truss is a family-owned roofing supplies company that prides itself on rapid customer response times and quality service. Call GT Girod Truss for a free roof truss estimate today.


In addition to our selection of roofing trusses and our barn design services, GT Girod Truss LLC offers pre-packaged pole
barn kits. These come with all the necessary materials to assemble a functioning pole barn on your property.
Pole barn kits are an excellent option for
those who prefer DIY approaches but don’t
want to waste time collecting the necessary
parts from various locations. GT Girod Truss’s
selection of kits ensures you will find the style
and dimensions you need.
GT Girod Truss is a family-owned roofing
and pole barn supplies company with years
of experience supplying roofing trusses,
design work, and pole barn kits. Call GT Girod
Truss today for a free pole barn kit estimate!


Do you have a roof design blueprint that you want to ensure is completely sound before you begin building? Then turn to GT Girod Truss LLC. We have over half a decade of experience providing roofing design services. Our team will review your existing design and check for any possible flaws while optimizing whatever functionality you intend for the roof to have. We pride ourselves on our quick turnaround time for any customer inquiries. We also match any competitors’ prices, so
call GT Girod Truss today for a free estimate on all roofing truss design services.



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